Polyester Multifilament Braided Rope

Polyester is synthetic fiber, which very close to nylon in strength when steady force is applied.

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Polyester Multifilament Braided Rope 

Polyester is synthetic fiber, which very close to nylon in strength when steady force is applied. 

Unlike nylon, polyester does not stretch and is unable to absorb sudden shock load as well as nylon; yet just like nylon, polyester is also resistant to moisture and chemicals, but polyester is superior in abrasion and UV resistant.

Polyester rope can absorb shock loads, and is resistant to rot, mildew, oil, gasoline, grease, and chemicals. It also has excellent abrasion resistance and is unaffected by UV rays. SOLID BRAIDED—Firm, round rope has a special lock-stitch construction that works well on blocks and pulleys and retains its shape under load. Difficult to splice. DIAMOND BRAIDED—Consists of multiple strands braided in an over-and-under pattern. This splice rope is the most common construction for general purpose use. Rope's strength is provided by an interior core, which is protected from abrasion by a woven exterior. BRAIDED—Multiple strands are braided together; provide better strength than twisted rope construction. DOUBLE BRAIDED—Construction consists of what is essentially a single braided rope, inserted into the core of a second braided rope; provides the best service life of all braided ropes. Easy to splice. Torque-free and  nonrotational.

Product description


Polyester multifilament yarn

Size (dia.)



8,12,16, 24,32,48 strands braided


white, blue , black and so on


10m,20m,30m, 50feet, 100 feet etc

Outer Packing



High tensile strength

Low elasticity

Low water absorbency with slight strength loss when wet

High UV resistance

High melting point

Good abrasion resistance


- The cord can also be made to measure, heat cut. Besides this, there are also possibilities to make eyes and hooks on the rope/cord.


1.Economical, price is much cheaper than other material 

2.Easier to handle than rope made from natural fibers.

3.Various choices for length and thickness

4.All the Colors and dimensions can be made according to the requirement of our client.

Other terms


1000pcs for each color and dia.

Delivery time 

18-20 days after sample confirmation


Washing, industry, tent, climbing

Payment Terms

T/T OR LC at sight

Trade Terms


Port of Loading

Qingdao Port, or Shanhai or Ningbo Port in China


Sea shipping, Air shipping, DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, EMS.

Sample time

About 7 days

Sample fee

Prepaid by customer, will refund to customer after order confirmation

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